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Python Software Foundation GSoC Team

Under the Python Software Foundation (PSF) the GSoC Team has ran a GSoC umbrella organization for the Python language. This sub-org is being used to sponsor tools for the PSF GSoC team, specifically tools for managing GSoC from diverse sub-orgs for PSF. At this time, Python is NOT sponsoring any projects related to the development of the language -- but we're looking for mentors if you want to run such a project. We are accepting at most one student this year, as such we recommend applying to other sub-organizations. You can find the other organizations on the Project Ideas page.

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MNE-Python is an open-source Python package for exploring, visualizing, and analyzing human neurophysiological data such as MEG, EEG, sEEG, ECoG, and more.


FURY is a free and open source software library for scientific visualization and 3D animations. FURY contains many tools for visualizing a series of scientific data including graph and imaging data.

CVE Binary Tool

The CVE Binary Tool is a security tool that scans for a number of common, vulnerable open source components (openssl, libpng, libxml2, expat and a few others) to let you know if your system includes common libraries with known vulnerabilities.

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MSS - Mission Support System

MSS is a web service based client/server application to plan atmospheric research flights. The Mission Support System (MSS) is a software that is written by scientists in the field of atmospheric science. The purpose is to have a tool that simplifies the process for planning a scientific flight in which parameters of the atmosphere are measured. The research aircrafts typically carry a comprehensive scientific payload comprised of data aquisition instruments by different companies and research institutions. The measurement of relevant parameters, for example the chemical composition of trace gases, temperature or aerosol particle characteristics, are needed to improve the scientific understanding of the processes in the atmosphere. This is of significant importance for the understanding for example of climate change or the recovery of the ozone hole.

EOS Design System

EOS UI/UX Solutions is an open-source organization that aims to help improve user experience with a set of solutions like the EOS Design system, EOS icons, user Story, and more to come. OUR MISSION To empower creativity by making UX and UI easily accessible to designers and developers. Our mission is to help deliver quality interfaces while accelerating time-to-market. OUR VISION To reshape the enterprise and open source worlds with applications people love to use.


DFFML aims to democratize machine learning. It makes feature engineering, dataset storage, model training, and model deployment simple and easy. Its wide selection of model and dataset storage plugins enable developers of all backgrounds to play with and add machine learning to their projects.

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Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub) is a company focused on information retrieval and its later manipulation.

Python Argentina

Python Argentina Civil Association (A.C.PyAr) is a formal non-profit organization of programmers with focus on community projects, mainly for Spanish-speakers & Latin Americans Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and our Latin American countries often lacks open source software to fulfill regional needs. Our projects want to facilitate tools and resources to students, enthusiasts and professionals, so it is easier to learn and use Python in this region of the world (and of course, contributing back to the international community, as many of our projects can be extended to other situations too!).


Tern is a software package inspection tool for containers written in Python3.


The SciPy library is one of the most widely used libraries for scientific computing with Python. It provides many user-friendly and efficient numerical routines for everything from linear algebra and numerical optimization to statistics and graph algorithms.


Activeloop Hub unifies storage for datasets, makes them streamable, accessible from any machine at any scale for AI/ML purposes and efficient to work with.


PyData/Sparse provides sparse arrays compliant with the NumPy API for the PyData Ecosystem

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Friends of the PSF

Here's some more interesting organizations that use Python!

  • TARDIS TARDIS is an open-source Monte Carlo radiative-transfer spectral synthesis code for 1D models of supernova ejecta. It is designed for rapid spectral modelling of supernovae. It is developed and maintained by a multi-disciplinary team iincluding software engineers, computer scientists, statisticians, and astrophysicists.