Every week, we ask our contributors to answer three questions:

  1. What did you do this week?
  2. What is coming up next?
  3. Did you get stuck anywhere?

These mini status reports help everyone keep track of how a project is going. It's particularly important for the org admins to have these so they can oversee the whole program, but we also hope that these public status reports will help the wider python community see the great work that comes out of Google Summer of Code.

Contributors: To post your status report, log in to and post it there. Please make your status report posts public, as Google may want to look at them. We expect at least one post that answers the three questions above every week that you're working. The post limit is 4004 characters but we expect most of your status reports will be much shorter than that! If you do not post consistently, we may assume that you have gone inactive and examine your other work to determine if you should be failed out of the program.

Our Fediverse / Mastodon server

The Python-GSoC server can be found at

The fediverse is a collection of servers running a compatible protocol. We're running a fork of Mastodon, which allows you to do micro-blogging (similar to the service formerly known as Twitter or other text-based social media). We used to run a more traditional blog server for Google Summer of Code, but many pythonistas (including the Python Software Foundation, and lots of folk at PyConUS 2024) use the fediverse, and we felt using the fediverse might help our contributors feel more connected to the wider python community, and help the wider community find our contributors.

Community folk: please feel free to follow our contributors and ask them questions about their projects!

A list of contributors will appear here after folk are set up.

Getting Started

Ben has a thread on how to get started in the Fediverse.

Feel free to follow other contributors, the server admins (see list below), folk on other servers, or hashtags. (You might enjoy #Python, #OpenSource, and #GSoC for example.) We encourage you to support other gsoc contributors and chat with them about their projects.

You can use your account for general chatting and stuff too, just remember to abide by the Python code of conduct, listed in the server rules.

Need help?

Students will recieve invites to the email they provided in their GSoC applications. Mentors can request an invite by emailing the admins.

If you're having trouble accessing your account, the org admins can be reached at gsoc-admins(at)python(dot)org.

If you're able to use the server, you can contact the server admins directly: