Dates and Deadlines

In general, Python will ask mentors to do things before the Google deadline. This allows our admins time to make sure that evaluations, etc. are complete and ready for Google when their deadline comes. (The whole organization gets penalized if anyone's late, so we make sure that doesn't happen unfairly.) Student deadlines are exactly as Google tells you, although getting things done earlier is never a bad idea!

Mentor and Sub-Org admin deadlines

These are also listed on the calendar at the bottom of this page that you can subscribe to or add to your own device.

  • Feb 4 - Sub-org applications due. (We need good ideas pages if we want get accepted at all! But if you get an awesome student interested later than this, we can make exceptions.)
  • March 5 - If you're an organization that tried to get in as a top-level org and didn't get in and would like to participate with us, please get in touch by March 5.
  • March 25 - April 9 - Student Application period.
  • June 26 - Phase 1 evaluation deadline (for mentors)
  • July 24 - Phase 2 evaluation deadline (for mentors)
  • Aug 31 - Final evaluation deadline

Blogging schedule (Student Deadlines)

Every week, students are asked to post something about their project on their blogs. This helps the python community learn about the work students are doing and also helps the org admins make sure that students still on track to pass and don't need help. There are two types of things that students post: blog posts, which are longer descriptions of the work they're doing, and weekly check ins, which answer a few short questions as a sort of status report. These are due every Monday during the GSoC period, and the schedule is listed below as a list and as a calendar at the bottom of the page that you can export and add to your own calendar.

  • May 27 - Initial welcome blog post
  • June 1 - 1st checkin
  • June 10 - 1st blog post
  • June 17 - 2nd checkin
  • June 24 - 2nd blog post (Phase 1 evaluations happen this week)
  • July 1 - 3rd checkin
  • July 8 - 3rd blog post
  • July 15 - 4th checkin
  • July 22 - 4th blog post (Phase 2 evaluations happen this week)
  • July 29 - 5th checkin
  • August 5 - 5th blog post
  • August 12 - 6th checkin
  • August 19 - 6th (and final!) blog post (Final work submissions happen this week)
  • August 26 - 7th (and final!) checkin
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Please note Google's GSoC dates and deadlines.