Python Student Application Template (2018)

Fields at the top of this form are required. Please contact your mentors if you have any questions, and to make sure that your application is complete after it is submitted. Ideally, a GSoC application is a collaborative process, so please adjust based on any feedback you are given, and start early so you can get that feedback!

Use a good project title in Google's submission system

Your project title should explain in a few words what you plan to do and include the name of your sub-org. e.g. "QTile: Refactor window focusing" or "Kivy: Matplotlib Integration."

Python gets 100+ submissions some years, and it can be very hard for mentors to find your projects if they all have generic titles like "my gsoc application." A good title can help you get early feedback that will make you more likely to get accepted, and a bad title could result in your application getting marked as spam and ignored!

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extra information

This additional information isn't needed by the PSF, but can help your sub-orgs learn more about you. All fields in this extra information section are optional.